Sports Betting Questions and Answers You Should Know

About Bet Brokers and How to Use Them

Anyone who is a professional sports bettor and aspires to make a steady stream of income from his sports betting endeavours, would be aware that betting regularly with mainstream bookmakers is most likely to leave him frustrated, often resulting in accounts getting closed or sometimes betting activity getting restricted.
Although you can maintain individual accounts with high stake bookmakers like Bet365, SBOBet etc., who also cater to professional sports bettors and not just casual punters, if you’re dead serious about maximising your sports betting profits and are looking for no limit bookmakers, your purpose would be best served by opting for a bet broker.

Who is a bet broker?
Also popularly referred to as betting agent, a bet broker provides his clients a single account which they can use to make the most of the best betting odds available from a wide range of bookmakers. While on one hand availing the services of a bet broker enables professional sports bettors to organise their betting processes, by effectively accessing the best odds available throughout the market, on the other hand, it majorly does away with the expensive bookmaker commissions. What’s the icing on the cake is that you’re able to bet at exorbitantly higher limits, which can normally never be availed individually with bookmakers.

So, why should you use a bet broker?
Following are some important reasons why you should use a bet broker instead of bookmakers:

You get the best odds
A seasoned bet broker will empower you to make the most of the best betting odds available for a particular sports event. When you avail a bet broker’s services, you can seriously reduce the bookmaker commissions paid by you (which can majorly eat into your profits). Although such commissions may not seem like a lot in terms of their percentages, when it comes to scaling your betting activity, even 1% reduction in commission can add up to a serious amount of money in the long run.

You use a single account
When you deal with a bet broker, you’d most likely be using a single account for placing all your sports bets. Doing so will not only streamline and organise your betting activities, but also do away with the trouble of regularly moving funds from one bookmaker to another, not to forget the constant tracking of multiple transactions.

You get higher betting limits
Although you can avail services of a professional high-stakes sports book like Pinnacle Sports which provides betting limits suitable for majority of low-scale professional sports bettors, when you use a bet broker, you can increase those betting limits even higher.
When you opt for a bet broker, you’ll be able to request the maximum limit from a wide variety of bookmakers almost instantly. The overall effect of multiplication of such betting limits would be amazing to say the least. Although theoretically there’s nothing like no limit bookmakers, bet brokers come closest to that concept.

Access to normally inaccessible bookmakers
When you use a bet broker, you’ll get access to bookmakers who normally don’t deal with the general public. The only way you can bet with them is through a bet broker. There are several bookmakers that average sports bettors have never heard of, particularly the ones based out of Asia. All such bookmakers take action only via the bet brokers, and normally bet at much higher limits than any standard and popular mainstream bookmakers.

There are no geographical restrictions
A major problem faced by several serious sports bettors who wish to take their betting game to the next level is that they’re unable to avail services of bookmakers like SBOBet and Pinnacle Sports owing to their place of residence. Availing services of a bet broker allows them to bet indirectly with all such bookmakers.

Common concerns when using bet brokers
The primary concern of majority of people when considering using a bet broker is whether their money will be safe or not. After all, when you’re dealing with a bet broker you are basically allowing him to access your funds and bet on your behalf. Hence, carrying out some research is important when you’re shortlisting bet brokers. You can do this by carrying out some online research and asking your fellow sports bettors about popular services. Internet forums are a good place to start such research. You can also refer to the independent reviews of different bet brokers.
It’s also important to consider the prerequisites and costs involved when engaging services of a bet broker. You’d need to consider the bet placement charges. Will there be any transaction costs on bank transfers or withdrawals? Ensure that you check every fine print prior to signing any document and linking your bank account. Pay close attention to all costs as what may appear to be a small percentage initially can dent your long-term profits significantly.
Another important aspect you must keep in mind when engaging a bet broker is the exact odds you’ll be getting. Not every bet broker will offer you the best betting odds. Some may provide you slightly reduced odds in order to maximise their profits. While some sports bettors may not mind taking such marginally reduced odds, as long as they can tap into higher limits, others may not be too comfortable with them. Eventually, it comes down to your personal preference as a sports bettor. Some of the popular bet brokers in the business are Samvo, Sportmarket Pro, 3ET, Seabet and more.