Sports Betting Questions and Answers You Should Know

How to Become a Sports Betting Pro

Carry out a comprehensive self-analysis
It isn’t enough to just keep track of your losses/wins and strike rates when you’re trying to become a pro at sports betting. You’d need to delve deeper and unearth trends from those results. All successful sports bettors are good at this. It’s important to bring all your analytical skills into play and apply them in your bet selections. You’d need to take an unbiased account of your personal betting record. That’s the only way you can take an objective look at your perceived edge.
You may start by identifying the odds ranges where you’re quite successful. To give you an example, some sports bettors are specialists at picking longshots. You’ll see them winning quite a lot of bets on underdogs. Others are skilled at backing favourites and are thus able to create a constant stream of small-small wins. Regardless of what you specialise in, you must identify and put a conscious effort to make the most of your preferred range of odds.
Another telling factor could be discovery of trends in fixture timings. Observing and finding out any success patterns at certain times of a sports season, or on game days that overlap with certain external events having a possible impact on the match result, can be of immense help. To give you an example, some sports bettors refrain from betting on league matches that happen right after an international break, as they may have noticed making huge losses on those bets. You must observe all such patterns and incorporate them in your betting strategy.

Keep a check on your emotions
All of us have emotional weaknesses when it comes to certain things and strategies. Perhaps you may be vulnerable to chasing losses, or have a habit of rushing into sports bets post a lengthy winning streak. Whatever it may be, you must prevent your emotions from influencing your sports betting results.
You must try to become hypersensitive to such emotional weaknesses and figure out how exactly they’re impacting your betting activity. Then reflect and think of all the times when your emotions have got the better of you and resulted in major losses. Once you do that, you’ll find it much easier to see through future happenings and check your instincts before they get the better of you.
Bookmakers will be more than delighted to see you becoming a victim of your emotions. Hence, you must make it a point to channel such feelings into a positive mindset. You must gradually replace your emotional reactions with logical calculations to benefit from your perceived edge. Lastly, it’s extremely important for you to recognise your emotional weaknesses and put consistent efforts to remove them from your betting endeavours.

Fine tune your sports betting strategy and stay consistent
You may have possibly experimented with plenty of different strategies during the initial stages of your sports betting career. These could have varied from creating statistical betting systems, carrying out form research or combining different methods. But the only way you can get serious about sports betting and benefit from it is by focusing on the most proven methods for you. It’s important to create a ritual, and employ it regularly in your bet-selection process, time after time.
Never rush into sports bets just because the betting line seems very profitable initially. You’d be better off placing no bets at all, rather than placing bets in a haphazard and half-hearted manner, backed by no research. It’s also important to discipline yourself and staying true to the entire research process going behind every bet.
A professional sports better doesn’t waste any time on untested approaches and systems. In case you’re keen on trying a new sports betting system, or have a fair idea about some edge, you must first indulge in paper trading with that strategy for a certain time period first. Bet any real money only after you’ve carried out comprehensive trials with paper currency and small stakes.

Master bankroll management like a true banker!
People successful at sports betting know how to identify winners and make them count. They are aware how to implement a consistent and workable betting plan. If you too are a successful sports bettor wanting to take your sports betting game to the next level, and turn pro, it’s highly likely that you’re already using some sort of betting strategy. In order to become a true sports betting pro, you’d need to continue applying the same strategy, and view your betting bankroll as a kind of investment. Whether you regularly skim the profits off from that investment is another matter altogether. Perhaps, you use them as your primary income source. On the other hand, you may possibly be treating your sports betting bankroll as a pure investment fund. Whatever you do, the choice is entirely yours. What’s important is that you master bankroll management and practice it consistently like a true professional.

Place sports bets like a ruthless professional!
This means that you must never place any sports bets recklessly. Rather, you must be decisive, aggressive and highly selective in your betting strategy.
It is only natural for bookmakers to use betting odds as a strategy for protecting their commissions. They are least bothered about which side of the particular event wins (although this may not always be the case). What they’re most interested in creating equal amount of action on both the sides, to bag maximum commission regardless of the end result. They achieve this by moving the money lines to make both sides appealing to the punters.
Bookmakers put themselves at a disadvantage by doing so, as against an educated sports bettor. As their intent is to maximise the action, their money lines can be inaccurate about the real odds of a certain event. The only way you can become a professional sports bettor is by recognising such discrepancies and using them as an advantage.