Sports Betting Questions and Answers You Should Know

About Live Streaming

What’s meant by live streaming?
Considering the explosion in the online sports betting world in the modern times, a large number of bookmakers are providing live streaming of a good number and variety of sports events, making sports betting experience of a regular horserace or a football match even more exciting for the punters. But do you know which bookmakers exactly offer such live streaming service? And which ones are the best among them? Any idea what’s needed for accessing such live streaming from a bookmaker?
Although majority of bookmakers make it mandatory for their customers to either place a certain minimum bet or make a minimum deposit for accessing a live broadcasted sports event, these requirements are quite small, and most importantly live streaming of such events is completely legal.
Another major plus of this service is that most bookmakers who offer it provide access to sports events which may not be otherwise available through commercial television broadcast. In fact, a large number of live streamed sports events cannot even be accessed through satellite TV, giving viewers a major reason to bet on such events, as they not only get to watch such events but bet on them as well. What is even better is that most of these live streams can be easily accessed on a smart phone, implying that you can stay constantly tuned in to the happenings!

However, are such ‘live streams’ actually live?
To tell you the truth, the expression ‘live streaming’ is actually a misnomer in itself because whatever you see being streamed as live, is actually a slightly delayed broadcast, with a time lag of 5 to 10 seconds. Hence, any sports punter who is actually at the site of that sports event, and has a reliably fast Internet connection, holds an advantage over his counterparts who may be accessing the same event on smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops and PCs in different parts of the world. This reality may limit the value available in such a live streamed events when it comes to in-play betting.
Some of the popular bookmakers that provide such live streaming of sports events and the corresponding betting opportunities on them are: Bet365, SkyBet, Betfair Exchange, PaddyPower, Unibet, Coral and more.

What is required at the punter’s end to access such live streaming?
For a punter to receive the optimum picture quality of the live stream of a sports event, it is suggested to have access to at least a dependable Wi-Fi or 3G/4G Internet connection. In addition, please keep in mind that if your device/system has a firewall installed on it, or has any other security software running, it may impact continued access to the bookmaker’s website, and hence the live streaming of the concerned event.
Please also be warned that such live streaming of sports events is meant only for your personal use and any such streamed event must not be reproduced or copied without obtaining expressed consent of the company holding that event and/or providing streaming services.
Finally, you can enjoy such live streaming to the optimum level if you have a broadband connection with minimum download speed of 512 kbp/s or higher. Let’s now throw some light on the Bet365’s live streaming service.

Bet365 live streaming
Bet365, counted amongst the most popular online bookmakers in the world, claims to broadcast as many as 50,000 live sports events every year, which works out to around 137 such events each day. It’s quite a huge number, especially considering that Betfair, only offers a handful of sports events on any given day.
Bet365’s live streaming service can be accessed instantly by clicking on a tab under the ‘Services’ drop-down menu on the website’s homepage, situated at the top right.
When visited it was found that every sports event live streamed on Bet365 website, including some of the most popular football, ice hockey, volleyball, baseball and basketball matches, was of extremely good quality. You are provided a standalone player if you need, which you can use for surfing various live streamed events, yet staying in touch with the main event. There was no breakup or buffering while using the service.
In addition, watching football is particularly interesting on such live streaming service, especially on Bet365, as you won’t get any commentary. Although many people relish the constant musings of sports pundits, watching football match only with the ambient crowd noise and an odd shout from one of the players, can be quite refreshing.
Bet365 live streaming service is also pretty nice for the more niche sports like ice hockey and volleyball, but you may find the viewing window small if you’re used to watching these events on a big screen.

Accessibility requirements on Bet365
You can watch the live streamed sports events like cricket, squash, snooker, basketball, soccer, darts, football and more at Bet365 on your Android device, iPad or iPhone. All you require to access these events, is a funded Bet365 account, or should have placed a bet with the bookmaker in the last 24 hours. You can even download Bet365 applications for both Android and Apple platforms, providing you with an even better live streaming experience.